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Sasha Hopkins

Endorsed Midwife, Sacral Somatic Therapist & Intuitive Guide

All About Sasha

Sasha is passionate about working with women and believes that when we remember our true nature and step into our power, we can conquer anything. Sasha enjoys sharing knowledge about the energetics of our bodies and how this relates to our physical experiences, as well as spending time in nature, meditating, weight lifting and practising mindfulness throughout the different areas of her life. Sasha is happily married with a blended family of six children.

Sasha graduated as a midwife in 2016 and began working in the home birth space as a second midwife and antenatal educator in March 2020. Sasha discovered home birth early in her career and longed to be a part of this world and away from the hospital setting. Prior to stepping into this space Sasha found a connection with the Homebirth QLD community which is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. Sasha began volunteering for Homebirth QLD in 2019 and continues supporting the organisation as the Membership Secretary and co-facilitator for the north Brisbane home birth circle. Throughout Sasha's midwifery journey she has worked in both the private and hospital settings and has facilitated midwifery students during this time. Sasha shares that nothing has satisfied her midwifery soul more than supporting a woman in her own home where the woman's primal instincts are able to flourish. Sasha relies on her intuition throughout her practice and encourages the women she works with to do the same when making decisions.

In 2021 Sasha felt the calling to do more for the women she works with and in 2022 Sasha stepped into her power as an Erotic Maven and completed her Sacral Somatic Therapist training with 'Temple of She'. Sasha describes this work as a sacred energetic process and when she steps into this space she feels a remembering flow through her body. Sasha shares that her own experiences receiving Sacral Somatic Sessions have been incredible and that each experience has uncovered another layer assisting her to dig deeper within and face her fears. As a Sacral Somatic Therapist Sasha tunes into her intuition and offers further guidance and support to the women and men after their experience through further practices and debriefing. 

Sasha has been providing Closing of the Bones Ceremonies since 2021 and was taught this traditional practice by Jenny Blyth. Sasha has experienced a Closing of Bones Ceremony herself and describes it as feeling content and full, like you're coming home to your body. Sasha shares that the energetic healing that can be experienced is so powerful, she now offers this to all of her midwifery clients as a part of their postnatal care.

Over the years Sasha has trained as a Yoga Instructor completing 200hour and PreNatal Yoga courses, teaching both of these in north Brisbane. She has also collaborated with a local Shaman combining shamanic drum journey and yoga to assist the physical and energetic body to deepen into the experience. Sasha's intuitive skills grew significantly after completing Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper courses in Theta Healing with 'Evolve With ThetaHealing' and allows this inner knowing to flow into all of her work. Sasha has previously worked as a Doula whilst also working as a midwife in the hospital setting, Sasha shares that this experience pushed her to be a private midwife as she felt she could protect and empower the women better as their primary midwife. Sasha has also trained as a HypnoBirthing International Educator and has provided this in both group and private settings. Sasha is planning to complete Kahuna Massage training mid 2024 and will be offering this service to the community in north Brisbane. Kahuna Massage will be available to pregnant women as well.

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